What Happens?

What happens in professional coaching session?

You can make an appointment for one session and that may be enough or may give you a taster of what may assist you. Or a series of short sessions may suit you or whatever we feel is best for you at this time.
How we usually start and continue is as follows:
FREE introductory chat (20 minutes). Once you have made contact, we take a little time to find out if I am the best person to help you and if we ‘click’. This time can either be by phone, in person or remotely by skype or zoom.
INTAKE. You decide to work with me and we will make a time for an intake, which is the initial appointment where I will ask you to fill in some details and tell me some more about yourself and your background and what you are facing. If you like you may fill in some of this information before you come to me, to save time. We look especially at what you would like to achieve while working with me and what ways would work best for you to find answer(s) to your question. Often people feel relieved after an intake and get a glimpse of what life could be like. This session is usually in person, but zoom or other remote method works well too.
AGREEMENT. We then agree on how we continue, how often we see each other, the budget, etc. This way it is very clear what we focus on, so there is clarity and calm around our arrangements.
SESSIONS. In a session we work towards your goals which are part of the answer, the solution you are seeking. I may use different modalities, like narrative (talking), art, NLP, biography, GROW, Core Qualities, Theme & Scheme, etc. Whatever I offer is tailormade for you. I do not ever have a one size fits all approach. My approach is person centred and people from all walks of life are welcome and treated with respect and dignity that we all deserve. From the session you may go home with tasks or reflections to fulfil, all in agreement.
EVALUATION. We often agree on a number of sessions to start with and look at how you are going, evaluating regularly. By measuring success, we have the best and fastest result for you to PHILOSOPHY. If you would like to know more about what has influenced me in my work, please see philosophy of coaching.