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ASK focusses on You finding answers, solutions, and knowledge for what you are facing.

Different techniques may be used so you will have the fastest route to success.

We often work with a clear agreement around what you need help with and what your goals would be.

With ASK you can Find Answers, Achieve Goals, Change Mindsets and Embody Change. Just ask.

Why, What, How

Why would coaching help me?

There are times in life when it is essential to have a little help deciding direction, changing your mindset, looking at what goals you want to achieve and creating a way to actually achieve them, having your current life, career, health question answered and in general gain more clarity. This is the time to find a professional coach to help you and walk alongside you for a while, be a sounding
board, give you guidance.

Complete the small questionnaire Am I Coachable if you want to know if coaching is for you. Once completed, let me know your scores.

So, what happens in professional coaching session?

In short. You make contact, we chat, we decide if we want to work together, we have an initial session, we agree on outcomes and time frame and set to work with regular sessions, evaluations and adjustments happen along the way. You find your answers, solutions, knowledge.

The Details…

My Philosophy of Coaching

At the cutting edge of coaching, counselling and art-therapy.
The ALBA Academy states: Leadership and coaching exceed, in our vision, the usually accepted premise. For us it is important that you can work to and including the level of fulfilment and identity, at the cutting edge of coaching, counselling, and (psycho) therapy.

My approach to coaching…