I can hear a warbler in my garden

Like the sky lark it brings a moment of wonder and light in the day. I look up and am reminded of all those other moments, sometimes together with someone else, where we silently absorb the music of the bird in the sky. Ah there is the warbler! Is there a message? I look it up: What bird is that?

‘The native grey warbler or riroriro (Gerygone igata) and the endemic Chatham Island warbler (Gerygone albofrontata) are New Zealand’s only members of the Australasian family Acanthizidae. They sing a delicate and complex trill, which Māori took as a seasonal reminder to plant their crops.’

Ok, yes, good idea to plant the winter crop. I will get onto it. And another one?

‘The Grey Warbler is native to New Zealand and is one of our smallest birds. A shy little creature with its bright red eyes and small pointed beak. It may not be the most striking of New Zealand’s birds but its song is loud and clear and very beautiful. Once it’s chosen its home it stays within its territory for life, which can be up to 10 years.’

Are you shy?

Being shy is familiar to me. I was a very shy child, blushing often when attention was on me. Still find it hard to shine the light on me, unless it is for a good cause, then it is easy. Singing helps me, like it obviously does the warbler, who is not shy to sing most beautifully.
What would you like to change your shyness into?
I have often coached people who are shy and found it hindered them one way or another. To step out from under the cloak of timidity is not always easy, but certainly possible. It requires different skills and attitude for everyone. There is no one way fits all. But it is important to
remember that the reason why you would like to be ‘less shy’, ‘more confident’, ‘step out in the light’, ‘blush less’, or whatever words you would use to aim for out of the shyness, that is the place to dwell. What do you want to achieve when your shyness is not so much part of your life anymore? And that is the question to take to a professional coach.
You are not alone.
Then together we can find the answers for you, through which you can step into that other life you are longing for now, a life not dominated by shyness. I help you every step of the way to achieve that goal.
An example.
Take the warbler, a shy bird but you can hear her for miles. A distinct sound which alerts us to a time of the year when they thrive.
Take the first step to change. If you would like to talk about this, please pick up the phone or send me a message. Take that first step out of shyness to a different life