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Margreet Stronks Consulti​ng

Finding Answers Achieving ​​Go​als

Does your organisation need some assistance to thrive?

  • A SWOT analysis ( Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
  • Feasibility and Direction: research, interviews, dialogue, reporting
  • Strategy for a fitting direction for your organisation(1, 5, 10 year plan)
  • Trustees and staff to focus on strength and chosen direction
  • Redefining Policy and Procedure Manuals based on strategy
  • Structure for meetings and communications
  • Facilitating meetings and enabling teamwork
  • Offering training for improved outcomes

Years of involvement in community development projects and processes have cultured my skills as community developer.

I founded OSCAR( Out of School Care And Recreation) in New Zealand. This started in my own community in 1986 with the start of OSCAR in St Albans with many of the residents involved in setting up this first professional out of school service, a true community development success.

Other projects include:

Abberley Park Playgroup OSCAR in St Albans and the development of the OSCAR concept OSCAR Network National Association for OSCAR ODC ( OSCAR Development in Christchurch). Wom*ns Space The Treasure Trove Trust Inc SARA ( St Albans Residents Association) Packe Street Park and Community Garden Inc. Diad'Eem (NL).

Contact me if you would like assistance with your development, whatever stage or level. Ask about possibilities

Email [email protected]

Phone 021 029 34 907

Small investment

Large Return