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Margreet Stronks Consulti​ng

Finding Answers Achieving ​​Go​als

My background and experience

Over the course of my working life as manager, coordinator, gardener, instigator, motivator, strategist, tutor & trainer, mediator, caterer & cook, facilitator, director, certified life-and-business coach and wellness consultant together with continuing education and ongoing personal & professional development, I realise I have become a specialist in facilitating solutions for anxiety, grief and stress.

I give guidance in the transition to another focus, ensuring better results and a more relaxed and happier life, while living towards desired outcomes.

In my personal life I have found ways to live with the loss of an adult child, the daily challenge of living with a chronic illness and the loss of relationships through sickness and separation. Living so far away from family makes me appreciate my NZ networks. I am proud of my New Zealand citizenship. The aftermath of major earthquakes has taught me what it takes to live in substandard circumstances and this has contributed to my commitment to regenerative living.

Over time I have found (re)solutions and feel enriched by them, knowing that they contribute to what I have to offer. 

Look at my cv here for additional information

My inspiration

Tim Galwey, the founder of coaching as we know it today, has provided me with many an insight in the art of professional coaching.  I feel hugely inspired by the ultimate simplicity of 'the Inner Game'.

I first learnt about this in 1986 and am forever grateful to Bryce who taught me. 

I feel inspired by the account of Thomas Graboys' life. His book:

'Life in the Balance' A physician's Memoir of Life, Love and Loss with Parkinson's Disease and Dementia. This book encourages me to live and develop my dream: providing respite and opportunity for you to find

your inner space with your own answers.

In general I feel energised meeting people, younger, older and the very young and witness their unique way of living and thinking.

Maria Montessori and Rudoph Steiner have been my guiding lights in learning and education. Their complimentary philosophies enhance all the work I do.

I admire Elisabeth Kubler Ross for her commitment to self development and for her pioneering in the support of humanity in the last phase of our lives.

'Homo Ludens' by Leonard Huizinga was the subject of my first thesis (psychology). Play has always been a big part of my life.

Deep Field Relaxation deepened my understanding of the healing process. Learning from a Kiwi while in Europe made this extra special. With many thanks to Cliff.

Rainer Maria Rilke in Letters to a Young Poet, gives us so much of his wisdom. I have been especially drawn to this quote: "Do not search now for the answers which cannot be given you because you could not live them. It is a matter of living everything. Live the questions now.”

And last but not least the inspiration that comes from sound, vibrations, music, breath and ...

... Silence ... Quiet ... Stillness ...

In the stilte kiemt het leven

In the stilte zwelt de vrucht

Wordt het kleurenkleed geweven van de zomeravondlucht

In de stilte

O als wij maar konden wachten

Samen zwijgen lang en stil

Zal 't Heelal aan ons ontvouwen de geheimen van Haar Wil

In the stilte

In silence life enfolds; embraced in silence fruits alight;

Colour cloak a weft in sunset of the summer evening tide Silence
Oh if only we could wait; sit in silence long and still;

then our Universe will show us all the secrets of Her will. Silence